What Is A Soundwave Bracelet?  

Welcome our dear jewelry lover readers! In today’s article, we will bring you another creative type of bracelet – a soundwave bracelet. It sounds really cool from the name, right? Let find out what it is and what makes this bracelet special with some interesting information below.  

What You Should Know About The Sound Wave   

What is a soundwave bracelet?  

Picture of sound wave

According to scientists, sound is created by vibrations of sound sources in the surrounding medium (through the air, water, or other sources).  

Your ear detects the sound when the air particles are propagated away and touch your eardrum. This vibration comes to your ear in form of disturbance patterns like waves. Therefore, we call it the sound wave.  

Besides, the vibration has the same ratio as the loudness of sound. The bigger it is, the more clearly you can hear.  

The Meaning Of Sound Wave Symbol   

Now, the soundwaves are no more some doodles you see on the machines in the lab anymore. It is spreading worldwide as a trend of art. The images of a soundwave taken from an audio or video are considered precious ideas for creation.  

Moreover, the sound wave itself contains a meaningful message. The mysterious encodes form urges us to discover the secret behind it. Some Sound Advice Project using sound wave also brought positive results in teen anti-drug abuse initiative as well as helped parents connecting more with their kids.  

What is a sound wave bracelet?  

What is a soundwave bracelet?  2

Sound Wave Bracelet

Apart from presenting in huge projects, the sound wave is also a great inspiration to create unique jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, or bracelets.  

A soundwave bracelet is also known as an audio bracelet or voice bracelet. As you can see, it is a wristlet designed with a short portion of your soundwave rendered in 3D, a piece of waveform jewelry shaped by your personal sound or message.  

Unlike other types of armlets, a sound wave bracelet is a fantastic way for you to cherish a memory and keep it close to you always. It is regarded as a perfect tool to capture any record of your wedding vows, the voice of a loved one who passed away, or just simply some special quotes you like.  

In the other words, a sound wave bracelet is a sweet reminder of the love you get or share. It is undoubtedly a wonderful gift that can surprise any recipient.  

How to get a sound wave bracelet  

What is a soundwave bracelet?  3

Cut-out Soundwave Bracelet

If you are eager to get this amazing waveform bracelet, you can totally get one in our 9charm online store. We boast to offer some of the most selected sound wave gifts for your consideration.  

If you want to order a custom bracelet, simply convert your special voice, audio, or message into a soundwave or ultrasound image. Then, send us that image with your brief requirements about the size and materials. We will make it the best bracelet that can satisfy you.  

On the other hand, don’t worry if you do not have the soundwave image. You can provide us your audio file or your sound. We will convert and design it to fit your bracelet. Don’t hesitate to browse our website today! 

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