What is a Monogram and How to Monogram A Jewelry?

If you want to have a personal touch to give to someone, especially for weddings, bridal showers or birthdays, let’s monogram it. The detailed guidelines will let you know how to write a monogram, be it personal monogram or couples’ monogram, plus suggestions of cool things to monogram.

What is a Monogram and How to Monogram A Jewelry Perfectly?

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Technically, the monogram is a typography design that connects 2 or multiple letters, traditionally in flowy, cursive fonts to form one symbol. The initials are often interwoven or combined together by a border to come together to be a calligraphy artwork by themselves.

A monogram will be created by a person’s initials  in order — often first, middle, and last name – or couples’ initials or family members’ initials. Monograms typically have 2-3 initials, with 3 being the most popular for aesthetic reasons.

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The meaning of monogram is attached to what initials they stand for. For instance, bridal shower gifts with a 3-initial monogram often celebrates the new family name the bride is taking on.

Otherwise, the same 3-initial monogram on a Mother’s Day present could be the initials of all the kids or members of the family. So it is really your decision to select the initials that is the most important to you.


The most common question which we received is how to write a monogram and what order do initials go in a monogram.

There are several factors deciding the order of letters for a monogram; however, they can be roughly categorized into 2 types: personal monogram and couples’ monogram.


A personal monogram often comprises three initials (first, last and middle name’s).

Traditionally a 3-initial monogram follows this order: first name, last name and finally middle name. Because the center initial will be the largest letters in a monogram so it often goes to your family name. Even so, of course you could arrange in any order you wish.  

If someone just  have one given name or first name, they often use a 2-initial monogram or 1-initial monogram with their family name instead.

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Normally, a woman will change her name once she gets married and her initials will be changed accordingly. Traditionally, she will make her given last name her new middle name, and take the husband’s last name in place of her own. As a result, their personal monogram changes by two letters, by that reason, monogram gifts are among the most popular gifts for brides to celebrate her new identity as a wife.

However, please note that when you are buying monogram gifts that there are many ways that a couple could take on the name change. Some couples keep both their last names, separated by a hyphen. Some women are using their new names socially but not at work, where they keep the maiden names. Just bear in mind that there is no right or wrong way to monogram – it is just up to personal preference.


Couple’s monogram is another popular monogram choice for presents and jewelry is not an exception. For the married couples, the order would be groom’s first name initial, followed by the couple’s surname initial and the bride’s first initial. For example, the couple monogram for David and Victoria Beckham would be DBV, with the center initial being slightly larger.


Recently there has been a shift in the traditional order to one with the women’s initial being first instead of the the man’s, i.e. VBD in the case of the famous couple.


If the newlyweds decide to share a hyphenated last name, it can be reflected in the monogram for married couples. Victoria Adams and David Beckham would be the Adams-Beckham family and use V A-B D as their joint couple’s monogram.


If the bride keeps her maiden name, the custom monogram for couples will be a simple 2-initial monogram from the last names of the newlyweds. Take an example: Victoria Adams and David Beckhams will use AB or A*B as their joint monogram.



There are 2 monogram types: one with the initials being the same size, also known as block monogram, and the more common one with the center initial being slightly larger called monogram with larger center initial.

          – Block monogram: is used just for personal monograms – your initials are ordered respectively: first, middle and last.

          – Monogram with larger center initial: is used for both personal and couple monograms. When used for personal monograms, the order will be the first, last and middle name’s initial. For couple monogram, only this style of of monogram, and in the order explained above will be applied.


If you are considering personal monogram gift, ensure to check which design style is being used to enter the correct order of monogram. When choosing a couple monogram gift, avoid block monogram and go for the other custom monogram type instead.


There are many cool things to monogram, from pillows, jewelry to doormats. Opt for one or two monogram items, like mugs or a necklace personalize your coffee table or outfit.

The most modern and coolest monogrammed personalized gifts are selected around the web so you could consider:

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If you have any more questions on how to monogram or ideas on the best things to monogram, share them with us below!

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