What Does Roman Numeral Jewelry Mean?  

Although we are living in the modern world, you still can see Roman numerals everywhere. They show up in your book, store’s brands, or on the big clock in the square, right? Even some of your necklaces, bracelets, or other pieces of jewelry may be engraved with these ancient symbols, too. But, have you ever wondered what the meaning of those Roman numerals on your jewelry is?  

What does Roman numeral jewelry mean?  

Roman Numerals Necklace

Origin of Roman Numerals   

As the name suggests, the Roman numerals were an invention under ancient Rome (from the 8th to 9th century BC) and used commonly until the 14th century. Romans developed them based on a need for a more advancing means of writing numbers out than counting on fingers. They were useful, especially for communications and trade 

Though the Roman numerals are a numeral system, they are displayed in form of Latin alphabet letters. At first, there are only three basic symbols, including I, V, and X. Now, the current form is extended to 7 symbols, which are I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.

Meaning of Roman numerals

What does Roman numeral jewelry mean?  2

Roman Numerals Ring

We will start with the three basic symbols. The “I” written with a single line is the simplest. It represents respectively our number ”one”. Continue is the “V”, which equals ”five” and the “X” is double of ”V” – two Vs means ”ten” 

The next symbol is ”L”. It stands for 50. Its original symbol was ”Ψ” (the letter psi in Greek). Some believed that it was a combination of ”V” and ”I”. If you write this symbol fast or flatten it out, it resembles an inverted T. Nowadays, it is identified with an “L” 

The “C” symbol was once shown up in form of ”Θ” which equaled 100. Here we can see a coincidence that the word centum, the Latin word for a hundred, is abbreviated as the letter “C”.  

The ”M” corresponds ”1000”. It was the ”Φ” (phi) in Greek letters or sometimes known as CIƆ. Like the “C” symbol above, the word ”Mille” meaning a thousand in Latin, also starts with an M.  

The last symbol in this system is ”D”, respectively ”500”. Since the value of this number was half of ”1000” – CIƆ, its first form was IƆ, and then came to the form of a D.  

What does Roman numeral jewelry mean?  

What does Roman numeral jewelry mean?  3

Bar Necklace with Roman Numerals

We all know that the more unique and beautiful the jewelry is, the more valuable and cherished it can be. Anything related to Romanesque symbolism always brings powerful, bold inspirations 

Roman numerals remind us about tradition and things that are hard to disappear or forgotten through time. They stand for classic, timeless, steadfast, enduring 

Moreover, the Roman numerals symbols not only represent the mystery of the ancient world but also can signify the special time or moments that are ”close to your heart” 

The use of Roman numerals in jewelry can be considered a great combination of culture and strong personality. It can make the design of your pieces of jewelry more elegant and charming.  

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