What Are Coordinate Bracelets? 

Jewelry is undoubtedly one of the best presents for any occasion, irrespective of ages or genders. As we all know, once you step into a jewelry store, there are many options for you to consider. However, it is not easy to pick one from thousands. If you want something unique and soulful for your beloved ones, custom jewelry pieces like coordinate bracelets are not a bad idea at all. So, what is a coordinate bracelet?

What are coordinate bracelets? 

Coordinates Cuff Bracelet with Fish Hook

About coordinate bracelets  

Unlike other wristlets, a coordinate bracelet is a crafted jewelry piece engraved and ornamented with a series of numbers and some alphanumeric characters. These are not random figures; they are actually the GPS coordinates of a specific location.  

Do you live in another city but still miss your hometown? Or, do you remember where you first met the love of your life? Well, a custom coordinate bracelet is definitely a great way to recall a time or special place.  

With the development of technology, we can easily identify any place on this planet with GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS coordinates are points of intersection created by longitudes and latitudes.  

What are coordinate bracelets? 2

Leather Coordinates Bracelet

The figures you see on the bracelet express the degrees. On the other hand, the letters represent directions. ”N” corresponds to North, “S” for South, “E” for East, and “W” for West. Sometimes, you also see the minus sign (-), which indicates South and West. 

If London, UK is the location you like, the proper coordinates are 51° 30′ 26.4636” N, 0° 7′ 39.9288” W, for instance. Besides, it can be your little secret because almost everyone cannot understand the meaning of these signs except you. That is also the reason why a coordinated jewelry piece deserves one of the best gifts for any receiver.  

What materials are used to make coordinate bracelets? 

What are coordinate bracelets? 3

Gold and Silver coordinate bracelets

There is nothing wrong to say that you can use almost anything to make a coordinate bracelet. The majority of products in the market are often crafted with gold, sterling silver, or other solid metals such as inox, bronze, birthstone… The bracelet can also be available in wood, leather… 

Apart from the numbers and letters of the coordinates, you can even custom the location bracelet. Make it more personalized with your favorite characters is a great option, too. For example, if you love nature, you can totally add some small leaves or pretty flowers.   

Where to buy coordinate bracelets 

What are coordinate bracelets? 4

Where to buy coordinate bracelets?

Don’t worry if you haven’t known where to buy coordinate bracelets yet because 9charm offers a wonderful collection of coordinated pieces of jewelry that can meet your expectations.  

One more highly recommended thing you should do is providing the jeweler your address instead of the GPS coordinates you found on the internet. This will help a lot in finding the precise latitude and longitude for your precious item. 

If the coordinate bracelet has your attention, what are you waiting for not getting one or maybe two for your important ones right away? Come to visit our website today and you can easily choose a lovely custom bracelet engraved with your ”close-heart” coordinates! 

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