Tips To Take Fingerprints For Your Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry is one of the most unique and meaningful personalized jewelry which is loved as memorial jewelry to remember a loved one. However, the most concern is where you can obtain fingerprints of someone who has passed away, or how to take good, usable fingerprints of the living. This step-by step guideline will help you get the most accurate fingerprints for your piece of keepsake.

Tips To Take Fingerprints For Your Fingerprint Jewelry At Home

Custom gold pendants with fingerprint and name or date of birth


blankOur Fingerprint Necklace
Our Fingerprint Necklace

You might not know it, but it’s likely that you already own or have access to the fingerprints you need. This is extremely unique for people who would love a keepsake of their beloved ones who passed away. 

For people who have passed away: The fingerprint those who have passed away normally taken by most funeral. Let’s contact them and they are often more than willing to help you create a memento of someone you love.

For military men who lay down: All soldiers have their fingerprints taken in military service – do check their paperwork or ask the military office where they are registered with.

For babies: Baby’s handprints or fingprints are normally taken as means of identification at the hospitals. Some even send you a hardcopy of it. Let’s call them and check if they keep a record of it.

For those cases, normally you need to bring documentation such as an identification to prove that you are related/were close to the deceased individual.

blankOur Fingerprint Bracelet
Our Fingerprint Bracelet


For those who could take fresh prints, the guide below will help you to take your own fingerprint or anyone else.


When jewelry is made from a fingerprint, we can only make it as good as the fingerprint sample you give us, so it should be a nice clear print.

Taking fingerprints at home is easy – all you need is a soft pencil, transparent tape* and white paper and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Clean your hands and dry it before taking fingerprint


Step 2: Use a soft pencil to fill in a large patch on the white paper, do it again and again on the patch to get a fair bit of graphite on the paper.


Step 3: Put your finger over the dark batch to get graphite on your finger.


Step 4: Gently place the sticky side of the clear tape on that finger then peel the tape off the sticky side of the clear tape on that finger and also gently peel the tape off


Step 5: Stick the tape onto a white piece of paper. Take photos of the fingerprint (you could find tips for taking a good photo below!)


Step 6: Make a repition of the steps with that finger or the others until you get a good and clear photo.

It is always safer to take a couple and let the jeweler choose which one to print on the jewelry.**

*If clear tape is not availabl, just need press the finger on the white paper and take a photo of it. However, rest assured that you would tap lightly, and not shift your finger. If not, the fingerprint will be smeared and unusable. A good fingerprint should have clear, defined lines and no blurry patch.

Left: A good fingerprint  & Right: An unusable fingerprint
An example of a good fingerprint vs an unusable fingerprint

You also should make lighter fingerprints by taking several prints without pressing your finger on the graphite gain. The first few darker ones will often have smudges from the excess graphite.


**Each finger will have different patterns (even on the same hand); hence, try to take as many fingerprints as you can. Depends on its shape, it may be more suitable for thumbprint jewelry, or look better on a necklace, a bracelet or a ring.


blankOur Fingerprint Bracelet
Our Fingerprint Bracelet

Fingerprint inkless pad is the best way to take fingerprints with perfectly clear fingerprints. It will not stain your finger or cause any smudges. Inkless thumbprint pads are widely used in banks and offices where accuracy is needed.

You can buy the inkless fingerprint pad on Amazon easily.


If you are taking prints of young children, make sure that the ink of an inkless pad is non-toxic and your children don’t put their inked fingers in their eyes or their mouth to avoid any allergic reaction.


blankOur Baby Footprint Dog Tag Necklace for Men
Our Baby Footprint Dog Tag Necklace for Men

A necklace with a baby’s footprint or handprint is a great gift for a new mom, even taking his or her prints is not easy. However, with our simple guide, anyone could follow to take the perfect prints.

Step 1: Get the right materials

It’s a great idea to use the inkless pads mentioned above or any water-based kids’ paint or food colorings that could bring the same quality if you want to do it yourself.

Step 2: Take the print when baby is happy, or better yet, deep asleep

When the baby is playing or awake, it will be harder to get the print, so let’s wait for them to sleep, it will be much easier to get the perfect print.

Step 3: Coat the foot or hand with ink

blankOur Disc Baby Footprint Necklace
Our Disc Baby Footprint Necklace

Make sure to get to every nook and conner of those toes. We highly recommend getting the baby’s footprint instead of a handprint, as babies tend to curl their fingers a lot, and getting a handprint might be more difficult.

Step 4: Give it a little shake

When you are holding the baby’s foot, make sure to give it a little shake so that their muscles relax instead of curl up, causing you to miss out a toe!

Step 5: Roll from the bottom

Hit the paper with the heel of the foot, or the bottom of the palm first as you roll to the tip of the toes or fingers. Quickly remove the foot or hand so that it doesn’t smudge.

The first step in getting a great mommy keepsake jewelry piece has just been finished!


Our Fingerprint Necklace
Our Fingerprint Necklace

The final step you need to do is to take photos of the fingerprints and upload to our site when ordering or send us via email. 

  1. Take your picture in good light. The best will be next to a windwo or a bright lamp to reduce shadowing across the prints.
  2. Take a bird’s eye view of the prints to make sure that your camera is parallel to the print.
  3. The print should be focused so the jewelers can get as much details as possible out of the print.
  4. Take a couple if needed and choose the best ones, then send the fingerprint photos to the jeweler via email.

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