Jewelry gift ideas which your friends and family will love

Giving someone a gift is a great way to show your care about them. You can give gifts to your loved ones on any day, not only special holiday or anniversary dates.
However, the headache question is which to give to them. With thousands of gift idea lists online, it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of what your loved one might love to receive. If you want to find something more special, a jewelry will be a perfect gift idea for your friends or family.
Jewelry is a timeless gift that is always appreciated and well received and it’s easy to customize jewelry in order to give it a more personal touch.

1. Everyday earrings

On top of jewelry gift ideas, everyday earrings are jewelry which everyone needs. Depending on the personal taste of recipient, you could choose the most suitable earrings for them. If you are in doubt of their taste, just need to pick something classic, simple – and avoid the chain or the long one as they are not suitable for mom or grandma who is over 60. They will definitely get some use out of the earrings.
Jewelry gift ideas which your friends and family will love -1

Just need to pick a simple yet classic earrings

If you’re unsure as to whether to go for gold or silver, check out: Silver vs Gold Jewelry: Which Should I Wear?

2. Cuff Bracelet

For a bracelet, you need to know the size of the recipient. However, with a cuff bracelet, you do not need to worry about the size as it’s open and can fit to most people.
Jewelry gift ideas which your friends and family will love -3

A cuff bracelet is great gift you can’t make sure the recipient’s bracelet size

They are very classic and trendy now, so no matter if the recipient is a fashionista or a beginner in fashion, they can use them well.

3. Long necklace

If choker is only suitable for teen and young girls, a long necklace will be suitable for all ladies. It can shine by itself or mix well with other necklaces as a layer, both create a luxury look for the wearer.
Jewelry gift ideas which your friends and family will love -2

A Long necklace can be suitable for your grandma, mom, sister or even your daughter

4. Ring

Ring is not only a gift to your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, it could be a gift to your mom, dad, etc. It symbolizes love, commitment, friendship, appreciation, and support. Depending on your message, you could decide the material, personalization of the ring.
A beautiful piece of jewelry is a wonderful gift to give. It can hold a deep meaning behind it and be filled with love and appreciation from you to the recipient. If  you want to add personal touch on it, engraving is a great ideas. There are several options to engrave on the jewelry, you can take What should I get engraved on Jewellery? as a reference.

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