How To Precisely Measure Your Ring Size

Ring size could not be flexible as clothes size, it is very precise. Thus, please follow these instructions carefully to get the correct ring size. We also highly recommend you to visit any jeweler to get your finger size professionally and accurately.

How To Precisely Measure Your Ring Size And Cicular Ring Size Converter



If you already have your accurate finger measurement or already know your ring size but just need to convert it to another country’s size, you just need to check ring size chart and converter.

This guide will help you find your own ring size or someone else’s ring size when you are shopping for a ring gift with


As ring sizing is difficult to get correctly, the easiest and best way is to use a ring sizing tool, which you can get for 5-7 dollars on Amazon.

If you have an existing ring that fits you well and has similar thickness and style to the one you are considering, you could use the rod-shaped ring sizer mandrel by simply sloting the ring on the mandrel and read the size marking where the ring fits.

The ring sizer tool has multiple rings of incremental sizes. To find your size, just slot the rings on the finger you plan to wear you feel it fits.


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If you order online and could not get your ring measured professionally or with a tool, you of course could measure it with tools available at home. Please bear in mind that NEVER use diameter for your ring size measurement. Instead, always use its inside circumference.

It could be simple to run a ruler across the ring instead of measuring its inside circumference, especially when you could find the available diameter size charts easily on the internet. However, using diameter will almost always result in the wrong size as it is an extremely precise measurement that you often can’t get right at home. Just 1/16 of an inch off can bring you 3-4 sizes up easily!

Method 1: If you have an existing ring

Find a ring. Choose a ring which could be both snugly to your finger but also loose enough to go over the knuckle. The ring should have similar style and band width to the one you are getting, it’s a must. A wide band ring will fit more tightly than a skinnier ring.

Print a ring sizing chart. The printable circular ring size charts will have circles of increasing sizes that correspond to different ring sizes is also another choice for you. 


Place your ring over the circles on the size chart to check whichever circle that well matches the inside of your ring, it will be the size you should get. If two sizes look like they both fit, let’s pick the larger size.

Method 2: If you do not have an existing ring


A printable wraparound ring sizer could be used to measure your size. Please make sure your printer is set to print at 100% with no scaling using the print dialog box, then follow the instructions on that page, which will consist of 3 steps as shown above to check your size.


– Be noted with thanks that the wider the ring, the tighter it will fit your finger. Hence, if you are intending to buy a wide band ring, it is strongly recommend to go half to one size up.

– Similarly when choosing shoes, let’s measure your finger at the end of the day as this is when your fingers are at their largest. In contrast, it will be their smallest when it’s cold or in the morning – at least half a size smaller. 

– Remember that a printable ring sizer is still not a professional way to measure your ring size. The most accurately measured way is still a visit to your local jeweler or use of the ring sizer tool.


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Ask around about his/her ring size

The simplest way is just to ask someone close to the recipient, as they are the most likely to have gotten a ring for her/him.

Of course, nothing is better to ask her/him casually. You could tell the recipient that you are getting a ring for someone else, and did not want to ask them and he or she appears to have similar finger size.

Use an existing ring they already own

Borrow their ring. If you are close to the recipient, let’s borrow one of their rings with a good excuse. You can then easily bring it to a jeweler to have its size.


Trace one of their rings. If time is so rush and you can’t bring her ring to a jeweler, you just need to lay the ring flat and trace the inside on the white paper with a pencil. Rest assured that the ring you borrow can actually lay flat.

Cut the paper ring following the pencil trace and match it with the printable circular ring size chart above to find the ring size.

Other methods

Consider an adjustable ring. It’s the easiest way to order a ring as a gift to someone else when you do not know their size as they can be adjusted up or down 1-2 sizes. Look for someone else whose hands are similar in size, compare them with the recipient’s fingers to buy an open-band ring.

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Get them to the mall. Getting them to casually try out some rings for fun is a great way to learn their ring size.


Ring size chart and international ring size converter. The ring size will be different in some countries, and if you already know your accurate finger measurement or  your ring size, just need to refer to the below size chart to convert your size if needed. 

Inside Circumference Sizes
MM Inches British & Australian US & Canada French & Russian German Japanese
45.4 1.79 G 1/4 3 1/2 14 1/2
46.68 1.84 H 1/2 4 15 7
47.97 1.89 I 1/2 4 1/2 15 1/4 8
49.32 1.94 J 1/2 5 15 3/4 9
50.58 1.99 L 5 1/2 51 3/4 16
51.87 2.04 M 6 52 3/4 16 1/2 12
53.16 2.09 N 6 1/2 54 17 13
54.51 2.15 O 7 55 1/4 17 1/4 14
55.76 2.2 P 7 1/2 56 1/2 17 3/4 15
57.15 2.25 Q 8 57 3/4 18 16
58.21 2.29 Q 3/4 8 1/2 18 1/2 17
59.34 2.35 R 3/4 9 19 18
60.98 2.4 S 3/4 9 1/2 19 1/2 19
62.33 2.45 T 1/2 10 20 20
63.46 2.5 U 1/2 10 1/2 20 1/4 22
64.97 2.56 V 1/2 11 20 3/4 23
66.22 2.61 W 3/4 11 1/2 21 24
67.51 2.66 Y 12 67 1/2 21 1/4 25
68.77 2.71 Z 12 1/2 68 3/4 21 3/4 26
70.15 2.76 Z+1 13 22 27
71 2.8 Z+1.5 13 1/2


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