How to match makeup and jewelry?  

Most famous fashion magazines around the world always care about matchy-matchy styling to tone-sur-tone make-up looks and outfits. However, have you ever heard about matching your make-up to your jewelry? If the answer is no, this article will show you a new way of coordinating things that may change your style (or maybe your mind) forever.  

How to match makeup and jewelry?  

How to match makeup and jewelry?

This can be a creative way for you to be more outstanding and fashionable. Although there are a lot of steps to finish your make-up, we only focus on three main highlights, which are your skin tone, eye colors (eye make-up styles), and lip colors (lipstick colors).  

  1. Choose the jewelry matching your skin tone   

First of all, you should know what your skin tone is. There are 3 main types of skin tone, including cool, warm, and neutral skin tone. You can observe your skin color or check the color of your veins to determine it.  

If your veins are blue or your skin is a pale shade, it means you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, should your veins look greener or your skin has ebony or espresso color and tan, you possess a warm skin tone. Apart from that, if there are no obvious signs of these skin types, you are likely to have a neutral skin tone. 

How to match makeup and jewelry?  2

Choose the jewelry matching your skin tone

 After figuring out what skin tone you have, you can decide on choosing the proper gemstone and jewelry colors with your tone. So, which will be the most suitable for you? 

If you have a cool skin tone, you should wear gemstone jewelry with warm colors like red, purple, and blue. Examples of red stones would be ruby, garnet. Bluestones are often blue sapphire, topaz, aquamarine. Stones with the purple color include amethyst and sapphire… 

In addition to that, this skin tone also looks good with white metals. You can consider materials like silver or white gold. Cool skin tone also matches with the traditional white pearls and rose-tinted pearls. 

If you have a warm skin tone, yellow, orange, and green gemstones are highly recommended. For example, yellow gems are yellow sapphire, citrine. Spessartite garnet or moonstone are common stones with orange. Besides, you can also easily find green stones such as emerald, jade, and peridot in almost all jewelers.  

Moreover, warm skin tone can go with yellow metals like yellow gold or bronze. This skin tone also perfectly matches with silver tinted pearls or white pearls.  

If you have a neutral skin tone, congratulation! You are so lucky because you can wear any gemstone and jewelry metal colors you want.  

One more thing, if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that looks good on any skin tone, those crafted with diamond are our suggestions for you. 

2. Match your jewelry to your eye color   

How to match makeup and jewelry?  3

Match your jewelry to your eye color

Many studies show that when talking to someone, we often look at their eyes first. People also said that the eyes are the doorways to the soul. These are the most beautiful parts of our faces. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to make your eyes more standing out with the right adornments. 

Whether it is your natural eye color or your lens’ color, the first tip is wearing ton-sur-tone gemstones. If your eyes are blue, don’t hesitate to try blue topaz and sapphire. Green eyes go well with green stones including jade and emerald.  

Using contrast color is also not a bad idea at all. With the same example of blue eye color above, you can wear gemstones in pink color like sapphire or spinel.  

With brown eyes, make you look bolder with red gems like garnet and ruby. Eyes with hazel color, on the other hand, match best with green stones like emerald and peridot, for instance. 

3. Match your jewelry to your lips’ color

How to match makeup and jewelry?  4

Match your jewelry to your lips’ color

Last but not least is how to wear jewelry matching your lips’ color. Similar to our advice on your eyes’ color, you can wear adornment with either the same color or contrast color of your lips (or lipstick).  

An example of it would be wearing long black earrings with bold red lips. It will make you look more impressive and elegant.  

With neutral lips, you need to add color to your makeup. That is why choosing bright accessory or sparkling jewelry with diamond or pearl is considered the best option for this look. It will help you avoid looking washed out. 

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