How much you should spend on your engagement ring?

Deciding your budget for your engagement ring is a very tough question which many others are struggling with. Which should you choose: ring size or quality?, etc. All these questions will be answered in this post to help you have a better ideas of which ring type you should purchase to propose your partner.

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There are several stones, metals to create a special engagement ring

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

There are some important factors you’ll want to consider as you determine how much to spend on an engagement ring:

Financial Situation: You need to consider and calculate your budget instead of which engagement ring you want to buy, especially if you’ll have ring payments going forward.

Partner’s Expectations: To have her saying “yes”, of course, you will want to purchase a ring which your partner will definitely love or desire regardless of the price tag. To know which she loves, you could go “window shopping” or ask her in a gentle way.
Meaningfulness of Ring: Like the first time you bought her flower, you spent a lot of time researching which flowers she loved and their hidden meaning. A thoughtful ring will help you deliver your message to her better than the biggest diamond you can find.
Generally, you should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. For instance, you are making $80,000 per year, you should spend $13,000 on the engagement ring. See below on how we debunk this theory.
Be noted with thanks that even a 2 months salary is the tradition which people spend for their engagement rings; however, no one has the same financial situation, so your engagement budget should mainly focus on your financial situation. No one should be stuck into debt to afford their engagement ring, because you also need to prepare for your wedding as well.

Should I choose an engagement ring based on its size or quality?

Actually, choosing the ring size will be better to control your budget. However, sometimes, the quality will not be so good, the diamond will be sparkling based on its cut, color and clarity.

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Meghan Markle’s engagement ring made by London-based jeweler Cleave & Co

What if you can’t afford to buy an engagement ring?

Just don’t buy it. As mentioned above, no one should be stuck into debt to afford their engagement ring. Let’s wait until you can or buy a more affordable ring such as a sterling silver or gold ring instead.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Types

The most favorite for engagement rings are emeralds and sapphires; however, diamonds still reign supreme to be chosen as the center stone.

Nowadays, there are more alternative stones for couples with reasonable cost, such as moissanite which continues to increase in popularity.

Engagement ring is not only about diamonds, but it’s also the choice of metal. The most popular choice is white gold, yellow gold and rose gold respectively.

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Engagement ring with gold color

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