How do you get fingerprinted jewelry? 

Fingerprints are formed by the papillary ridges of a human finger. As you may know, no two fingerprints are the same. They never change with growth or age. That is why fingerprints are considered the unique inspiration to create meaningful personalized memorable keepsakes. So, how do you get fingerprinted jewelry?  

How do you get fingerprinted jewelry? 

Fingerprinted jewelry

For many people, fingerprint necklaces or bracelets are one of the best ways to remind them about someone special, whether he or she has passed away or not. Keep reading our comprehensive guide below and you will figure out all you need to know. 

How to get fingerprints? 

Needless to say, there are many ways to obtain the fingerprints you want. We will divide the possibilities into specific groups for you to imagine easier: 

How do you get fingerprinted jewelry? 2

1 – For those who have passed away:  

If you decide to make a memento from the fingerprints of your beloved one who unfortunately passed away, you can ask the funeral home near your area or in any place where they were buried. Most funeral homes take fingerprints of the dead and maybe they are willing to help you.  

2 – For those in the military who have died or missing in action:  

The fact is that the soldiers’ fingerprints will be taken before they go for military service. Therefore, you can check their paperwork or contact the military office where they were registered with. 

3 – For babies: 

Since the fingerprints of babies are not yet fully formed, many hospitals often take their footprints or handprints for identification purposes instead of handprints. If you want a copy or a record of your or your baby’s fingerprints, check with the related hospital. They probably still keep it. 

4 – For those who could take fresh prints: 

This can surprise you because you can totally take fingerprints at home only with some simple items. Are wondering what they are? Well, come to your desk and grab a soft pencil, transparent tape, and white paper. Then, follow our instructions below to capture your or your beloved ones’ non-smudgy fingerprints: 

How do you get fingerprinted jewelry? 3

How to get fingerprints?

Step 1: Clean your hands and let them dry. 

Step 2: Use a pencil to shade in a blank space on the white paper. Repeat shading over and over again on that area until you get as much graphite as possible. 

Step 3: Put your finger over the dark patch you have shaded on the paper to make your finger stick enough graphite. 

Step 4: Cut a piece of the clear tape then place the finger you want on the sticky side of the tape. After that, peel the tape off. Make sure to do this step as gently as you can. 

Step 5: Stick the tape with your fingerprint onto another piece of white paper. Note that you should do it carefully so that there will be no creases or lines in the tape. Next, take a nice photo of the taped fingerprint.  

You can also repeat all these steps with other fingers or do it many times until you get the clearest photo of your fingerprints. One more thing you should remember is that elderly fingerprints tend to be fainter because of aging. Their hands often have scars or wrinkles from decades of use. That is why it is not easy to take elderly fingerprints.  

How do you get fingerprinted jewelry?  

How do you get fingerprinted jewelry? 4

Actual Fingerprint Bracelet

After you have the picture of the fingerprints, just scan or send them to a jeweler and they will turn it into your personalized jewelry. You can also use different fingers to create different patterns such as fingerprinted rings, necklaces, bracelets, or other items like pendants, keychains…  

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