Can you wear a gold and silver together?

Many people are concerned about mixing metals in accessories especially gold and silver. Fashion is not what other people define, it’s what you make it, and mixing gold and silver gives you the ability to play with different styles and patterns in your jewelry to create a unique look.

While wearing gold and silver together helps level up your look, it is possible to overwhelm the eyes when combining gold and silver. If you are not sure how to mix it, this article with some useful tips will help you look good dancing to the beat of your own style drum.

Decide Your Outfit First

Instead of considering which shirt goes with the selection of gold and silver jewelry you have decided to wear, it will be better to decide which clothes you will wear today.

Based on the tones of your outfit, then you will decide how to mix silver and gold jewelry. Like a short V-neck, a choker or short chain will be a perfect match.
Your outfit will not only determine the right tones but can also help you select the right pieces of jewelry. A high neckline might keep that long necklace in the jewelry box until tomorrow, but a three-quarter sleeve could mean it is the perfect day for a bangle or bracelet.

Mix Your Jewelry According to Categories

The most noticeable on your body to mix gold and silver jewelry will be your neck, wrists, and ears. Instead of mixing different themes, it will be better to focus on a similar theme, design, or size, you will create a balanced look that successfully combines your gold and silver pieces.

Layer necklaces with both gold and silver necklaces will allow you to customize your look in a number of ways. Wearing two tones of jewelry on your wrists and fingers follows many of the same elements as necklaces. Picking up the one which you want to attract eyes, then choosing pieces that complement the tones and shades of the primary will never turn out poorly.

For the wrist, many people choose the biggest statement with a silver or gold watch adding some simple gold bracelets or bangles. If the face of the watch has an interesting color, the bracelet with some small gemstones could provide that extra little pop of color.

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With rings, the most important is balance. It’s the best to spread out your gold and silver rings so one piece is not overpowering the other. Many people also love stacking with simple gold rings with a medium-sized silver ring on another finger. A combination of several pieces preserves balance and keeps it from appearing that the use of silver is simply because you ran out of gold options.

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Simple yet delicate rings mixed by silver and gold

Please bear in mind that when you mix gold and silver jewelry, you need to create a focus on one particular area that compliments your outfit rather than all parts of your body. This will keep you from overusing jewelry and avoids crowding.

Just with these simple guidelines, you will create a nice mix of gold and silver jewelry with any outfits to show your own style and personality.

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