Amazing Prom Jewelry Ideas for Girls    

What comes up to your mind when you hear about the prom? Well, it could be about handsome boys in suits or tuxedos, some nice music, and dancing all night, right? We know that every girl wants to be outstanding at this special event. Besides gorgeous outfits, glamorous accessories are the keys to elevate your beauty. Therefore, don’t miss these amazing prom jewelry ideas for girls because they can make you “the queen of the party”.  

Earrings for the prom  

Amazing Prom Jewelry Ideas for Girls   

Beautiful girl with statement earrings

Let start with these small pieces of jewelry. It depends a lot on your hairstyle to decide what earrings to wear on that night. A helpful tip for you is that do wear drop earrings with your hair up or a fancy short one if you wear your hair down.  

Besides, the color of your earrings should match the outfit you choose. For example, if the gown has a dark or neutral color, earrings shining diamond or colorful gems will be a great option.   

Another piece of advice for you would be to consider your personal comfort. You don’t have to wear a heavy pair of earrings only because it goes with your dress. The uncomfortable feeling can destroy your mood and also your night.  

Necklaces for the prom  

Amazing Prom Jewelry Ideas for Girls   2

A delicate necklace for your outfit

Next, you can make your look brighter with a charming necklace. There is no concrete rule you need to follow when choosing a prom necklace. From choker to lariat or strand of pearls, as long as it is suitable for your dress.   

Apart from that, when you decide what necklace to wear, it should match the neckline of your outfit as well. If you choose a dress with a colorful texture, don’t clash with it. A minimalist and delicate necklace or none at all would be the best choice.  

Bracelets for the prom  

Amazing Prom Jewelry Ideas for Girls   4

Choose the proper prom bracelet

This is also common prom jewelry, therefore, giving some priority to it is not a bad idea at all. If your prom dresses don’t have sleeves, you can wear a gold or silver cuff to make your look more gorgeous. On the other hand, if the dress comes with a sleeve, don’t wear any bracelets. Keep in mind that the accessories should create a nice balance with your outfit.  

Rings for the prom 

Amazing Prom Jewelry Ideas for Girls   4

Prom rings you could choose from

It seems a lot easier to choose a prom ring because they are small and various in style. You can wear a pearl ring with your charming earrings or necklace to add feminine flair. However, don’t over-accessorize or wear more than two statement pieces at once. It will make everything worse. 


The prom is definitely the most unforgettable night before you graduate from high school. Therefore, you should make a plan and prepare it carefully. No matter what jewelry you choose, the most important thing is that you feel good and can be yourself. For more options for the perfect-picture night, don’t hesitate to visit the 9charm online jewelry store. A lot of wonderful designs are waiting for you to discover. 

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