7 Essential accessories that add charming and style for women over 60

60 – it’s an age which we can no longer just throw on a piece of jewellery or scarf to get the stunning look we’re after. It takes planning and coordination to achieve the “Less is More” look we now require.

It’s such an easy way to make a combination of styles, colors, fabrics and textures that work for your new body shape, and will help you create your own personal fashion statement. However, do not forget to add your accessories such as necklaces, bangles and earrings which will help you have a younger face, a more youthful chin and neck.

Earrings, Necklaces and Necks to Draw the Eye

Differ from the young age when chokers will draw attention to the jaw line, for 60 years old women, it will be better to wear a longer necklace which draws the eye down and makes you look longer and leaner.

7 Essential accessories that add charming and style for women over 60-2

Round earrings will create a charming look

If you are not confident with your neck now has the dreaded chicken-skin look, wear your hair so it hits just below the chin; this will bring the eyes up and away from the neck area. A great idea is to use a good make-up application, it will brighten your face and draw the eye up.

For earrings, please do not use drop earrings as they will make your chin look droopier. It will be better to use pearls to create a charming look for you – it could be added by diamonds around (real or fake is no problem).

If you do not have pearls, do not worry too much, just need to find earrings which are large and round will be full of bling as well.

Bracelets, Bangles and Watches for Youthful Appeal

A watch will not only add charm to your arms but also makes you look fashionable. It is available in different sizes, shapes, colors and styles.
Bangles or bracelets are also a great investment with many colors and sizes. You could wear several at once, even mix with your watch to create a youthful look.

7 Essential accessories that add charming and style for women over 60-2

Bangles mixed together

Family Heirlooms Are a Key to Style for Women Over 60

60 is still too young to wear your family heirlooms – unless it mixes well with your outfit and other accessories to bring a charming look and not make you look old.
If you can’t mix it well, it will be better to keep it in a drawer and wait until you are 80 or 90.

Brooches for a Style Statement

Brooches are great to turn something a little ho-hum into a style statement. Brooches with seed pearls and garnets will be perfect.

Elegant and Stylish Scarves

There are so many ways to mix and match with scarves, so if you haven’t had one in your wardrobe, let’s buy one. It will be perfectly matched with a t-shirt, jacket or coat to hide a neck or jowls to create an elegant and stylish look.
Silk and cashmere scarves are luxurious and a good buy which will last long and make any coat or shirt look more expensive thanks to its classic.


Belt plays an important role in creating a stunning look; however, only you can decide the type of belt you should be wearing. Don’t forget, belts are very much a part of deciding what to wear for your body shape and never wear a belt around your hips unless you are very slim.

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