6 Pieces of Jewellery For Modern Men To Wear

Jewelry is not just for women, from the old days, men already used jewelry to show their wealth and power. Even though we live in a time where smartphones have rendered watches obsolete, men are still choosing to adorn their wrists with a timepiece. Jewellery nowadays is not just something to show the status, wealth but also to express yourself. Here are the 6 pieces you should consider adding to your collection.

1. Necklace

A perfect necklace for men should be with a small pendant and a midweight chain to add interest to your outfits and create a talking point when on show.A lightweight or big pendant will be too feminine The majority of men continue to shy away from necklaces as they can, admittedly, be a bit of a minefield. Too dainty and it comes across feminine, too chunky and you’re suddenly Rick Ross.

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Dog Tag with fingerprint engraved pendant by 9charm.com


2. Rings

If in the old time, rings are mainly associated with marriage or family, rings have long been a staple in a man’s jewellery arsenal.
Rings nowadays are not just for toffs and gangsters, the signet ring is back in fashion and makes an excellent option for those that want to wear something other than a plain band. You can customize it with your family name, your initials or anything which is significant to you.
However, the best one is simple and classic, you can go with a sterling silver ring which will never go out of style and can even be worn as or with a wedding band.

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A ring is not only for married men but for people who love jewelry items

3. Bracelet

If you are a fashionista or at least you love wearing a watch on your wrist, so why not consider adding a bracelet into the mix? A watch can mix well with a minimal cuff or ID design and it will create a perfect look with the combination of pared-back jeans and T-shirt.

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The bracelet for men made of leather and sterling silver by 9charm.com

4. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are mostly used for formal occasions such as meetings or business trips. However, they can also add a bit of interest to your bog-standard suit and tie combinations during the working week.

Depending on your personal style, you can use options such as animals or skulls can add personality to your look. But the best styles are those that have special meaning to the wearer; for instance, you may choose plane cufflinks because you’re currently learning to fly, or vintage racing cars because you’re an enthusiast.
It’s also popular to keep cufflinks simple with a subtle, monogrammed pair – whether you have your own initials or those of a loved one? It’s an ideal gift for wedding or anniversary gifts as well.

5. Tie Cliff

Tie cliff typically reserved in corporate or business casual environments, it is primarily there to serve a purpose: keep your tie in place and out of the way while you’re going about your business.
It can be simple or have engraved patterns, by metal or with plated options. You just need to choose something suitable with your jewelry collection and the most important thing is to pick the right size. It should never be wider or overhang the tie you are wearing it with – it’s a rookie error.

6. Watch

There’s nothing more classic or revered in a man’s wardrobe than his timepiece and a watch is a must have item for any man. There are many elements deciding which watch you will choose from budget to lifestyle to wrist size should be assessed before taking the plunge. As the most important rule in choosing clothing and jewelry, it should be something simple and timeless which you can keep for even 20 years more.

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While some men still not keen on wearing bracelet, all men loves wearing watch.

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