4 everyday jewelry for the well-dressed women

A modern woman can’t go out without jewelry. Are you searching for the perfect pieces of jewelry to accent your wardrobe? If you want to build your own personal brand as a well-dressed woman, it’s important to choose your jewelry wisely.

If chosen correctly, your jewelry can help you stand out in a crowd to make subtle statements and show off your certain wardrobe pieces. Do not worry if you have just started, as you can build your collection day by day.
Let complete your stylish wardrobe with 4 suggested everyday jewelry items.

1. A stunning pair of studs

Differ from hoop earrings which can suit some people only, the wonderful thing about studs is that they suit every woman regardless of face shape, hair color, and wardrobe preferences.

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Studs can be small enough to be elegant and understated or large and bold, they will accent your wardrobe in just the right way. Studs also come in all shapes and sizes, a perfect everyday jewelry essential for your collection.
No need to invest all your money for a pair of expensive diamond or pearl studs, you still can look adorably with a crystal or roman glass studs and any outfit.

2. A bracelet

Choose a basic bracelet so it can mix and match with most of your outfit. It can be a chain bracelet for feminine style or a cuff bracelet which is almost suitable for all dresses.
Depending on your personal taste, choose a bracelet which can say something about the personal brand you want to create.

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A bracelet will add the charming and elegance on your arm

A bracelet can be made from sterling silver, gold or diamond and crystal if you want something to show off your elegant attire.

3. Layered necklaces

Layered necklaces that layer are classy for every woman, and can level up your look well. Do not need to throw your old necklaces and invest more for layered necklaces, you can layer by yourself for your own style.

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Layered necklaces are classy for every lady.

4. An elegant ring

Do not think that your fingers and hands are not beautiful enough to wear rings. Every woman can be more beautiful with jewelry and the jewelry will add the beauty to your specific body part. Like a lot of women go out and get their nails done, the rings will add the beauty for our hands.
Whether you’re going out for dinner or typing away at your work computer, you can show off your lovely fingers with an elegant ring. It can add that touch of sparkle or shine you crave without requiring a bracelet or even earrings.

4 everyday jewelry for the well-dressed women-4

Like the nails, the rings will attract eyes on your hand

Choose a ring you’d feel comfortable wearing in any situation. Ideally, pick the ring you won’t want to ever take off!

Selecting jewelry essentials is a serious task in creating a visual look for any woman. It’s important to select pieces that accent your current wardrobe instead of investing for new clothes and jewelry.

The key is to start out with certain foundational pieces that will never let you down.

Make sure you have these 4 essentials as mentioned in this post for your jewelry box this year: a pair of timeless studs, a snappy bracelet, layered necklaces and an elegant ring.

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